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Nansen Tutu Center Students and board meeting presentation 2015

Tuesday 23 of February 0900 to 1220


Seminar room, Oceanography Dept, University Of Cape Town


9:00 Welcome Assoc Prof Mathieu Rouault


9:10-9:30 Daniel E. Schilperoort: The Effect of the Agulhas Current on Synthetic Aperture Radar Derived Wind Fields pdf

9:30-9:50: Rodrigue Anicet Imbol Koungue: Kelvin Wave Propagation in the Tropical Atlantic from 1998 to 2012 pdf

9:50:10:10: Arielle Stella Nkwinkwa Njouado: The annual cycle of ocean atmosphere interaction above the Agulhas Current pdf

10:10-10:30Tharone Rapeti: Assessing the benefit of assimilating satellite SST in addition to along-track SLA in the Agulhas System pdf

10:30-11:00 tea

1100-11:20 Georges-Noel Tiersmondo Longandjo Sea surface temperature rainfall relationship over eastern equatorial Atlantic

11:20-11:40 Khushboo Jhugroo: Regional features of the phytoplankton bloom cycle in the Sub-Antarctic Zone of the Atlantic pdf

11:40-12:00 Marc de Vos The impact of assimilating along-track SLA data on simulated eddy characteristics in the Agulhas System pdf

1200:1220 Bernardino Nhamtumbo Sea level Rise and variability in Southern Africa pdf

12:30 Lunch at UCT club for board members, students, NT staff and NT associates

Wednesday 24  Board meeting

Bjorn Backeberg:   2015 highlights  pdf

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