The Centre’s research activities are grouped into 4 overarching themes and fits in various projects

Ocean modelling and prediction

Group coordinator: Bjorn Backeberg

Co-investigators: Issufo Halo (CPUT), Marie-Lou Bachelery (NTC), Francois Counillon (NERSC) and Annette Samuelsen (NERSC), Jenny Veicht (SAEON), Neil Malan (NTC, SAEON).


Ocean-Atmosphere interaction, climate variability and change, regional impacts

Group coordinator: Mathieu Rouault (NTC/UCT)

Co-investigators: Noel Keenlyside (UiB), Marek Ostrowski (IMR), George Noel Tiersmondo Longandjo (NTC), Juliano Dani Ramanantsoa (NTC), Founi Mesmin Awo (NTC)

High resolution ocean satellite remote sensing

Group coordinator: Marjolaine Krug (CSIR)

Co-investigators: Johnny A. Johannessen (NERSC), Morten Hansen (NERSC), Anton Korosov (NERSC), Isabelle Ansorge (UCT)



Regional sea level variability and global change


Group coordinator: Bernardino Nhantumbo (NTC/UCT)


Co-investigators: Bjorn Backeberg (CSIR), Ola Johannessen (NERSC)


Nansen Tutu Center

Dept of Oceanography

University of Cape Town

Rondebosch, Cape Town, 7700, South Africa


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