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Weather forecast link

SAWS Sea level pressure chart: the classic weather chart for surface synoptic conditions.

SAWS FAQ  Weather Climate Education

SAWS marine portal:  Check the forecast animation of waves and wind and SST and Current observations

AMS meteorology climatology  oceanography  Glossary12 000 terms explained

GFS forecast chart Africa: Not all phenomena have a surface expression: start with the 500 hPa chart.

GFS forecast chart South Hemisphere: Large scale phenomena and their remote origin are better seen here

Key to above GFS weather forecast charts

Earthnull: different display , same forecast

Wave and wind forecast Windguru: very good weather and wave forecast for selected locations

Accuweather Most used weather forecast source for app check out weather radar for rain, not a radar but nice display

First Weather

Wave and SST measurement and forecast CSIR

real time weather station Kommetjie:  this is your baseline real time weather station

SAWS Facebook

Weather Africa Facebook: good satellite images and discussion of synoptic conditions

real time and forecast regional map and station Windfinder

Satellite animation rainfall and cloud  South Africa

Past weather

Sea level charts historical SAWS:  surface synoptic conditions with an description of weather conditions

Forensic meteorology

report 1

report 2


KNMI web explorer: a classic, colleagues are publishing papers using that site.

NCEP reanalysis Daily Mean Composites

NCEP reanalysis monthly and seasonal mean composites

NOAA Climate Plotting and Analysis Tools

GIOVANNI: Web interface that allows users to analyze NASA's gridded data. Very powerful. Lot of data and very hig resolution datasets. Ocean, Land and Atmosphere.

PSL huge source of ocean weather and climate data, download or plot data. Go to Climate or Satellite section and click on parameter of interest


Taking advantage of Multi-sensor Synergy: analysis tools overview

Ocean datalab portal (satellite remote sensing)

Standalone SEAScope interactive application

Copernicus: Ocean model forecast, altimetry , SST and more. Excellent source of NETCDF files to download.

Oceanworks explorer ocean current, sst , rainfall, cholorophyll, salinity , etc, easy to use.

Model output access to ocean model  for the tropical and subtropical Atlantic via a Live Access Server or THREDDS server.





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