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GLOBECURRENT:  Agulhas Current Case study

The Agulhas Current Case study is one of the six of the cases study funded by the Globcurrent project. The aim is to advance the quantitative estimation of ocean surface currents from satellite sensor synergy in the Agulhas Current. This is expected to highlight the advantages of satellite approaches and increase the uptake and exploitation of satellite ocean current measurements. The GlobCurrent project is funded by the ESA Data User Element (DUE) element under the ESA-ESRIN Contract No. 4000109513/13/I-LG.

Team:  Mathieu Rouault (project co-ordinator), Marjolaine Krug, Bjorn Backeberg, Juliano Dani, Laura Braby, Daniel Shilperoort, Arielle  , Fabrice Collard


Evaluation of GlobeCurrent Product. Laura Braby, Marjolaine Krug, Bjorn Backeberg

The South Madagascar Upwelling: Juliano Dani, Marjolaine Krug, Mathieu Rouault

Air sea interaction above Agulhas Current eddies:  Mathieu Rouault, Bjorn Backeberg.

Air sea interaction the the Agulhas Current system: Daniel Shiperoort, Marjolaine Krug, Arielle Stella Mathieu Rouault

Impact of ENSO on the Agulhas Current : Mathieu Rouault, Marjolaine Krug

Wave Agulhas Current Interaction: Fabrice Collard, Marjolaine Krug


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 Krug M, D. Schilperoort, F. Collard, M. W. Hansen and M. Rouault (2017). Signature of the Agulhas Current in ASAR derived wind fields. Remote

          Sensing of the Environment. published online pdf

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de Vos M, Backeberg B, Counillon F. Using an eddy-tracking algorithm to understand the impact of assimilating altimetry data on the eddy 

         characteristics of the Agulhas system. Ocean Dynamics. 2018:1-21.


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