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TRIATLAS: Tropical and South Atlantic climate-based marine ecosystem prediction for sustainable management

Sustainable management of human activities affecting Atlantic marine ecosystems is critical to maintain its health and to support the blue economy of the bordering countries.

TRIATLAS contributes to this by delivering knowledge of the current state and future changes of the Atlantic marine ecosystems. We achieve this goal through a basin-wide approach that integrates research from the North and South, and that closes critical knowledge gaps in the Tropical and South Atlantic that impede an understanding of the entire basin.

  • 33 partners from 13 countries

  • Project duration: June 2019 – May 2023

​This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 817578.


EXEBUS:  Extreme Events in the Benguela Upwelling System

The Benguela Upwelling System of South Africa, Namibia, and Angola is one four Eastern Boundary Upwelling Systems. It is bordered with warm tropical water of  Angola in the north and by the Agulhas Current in the south. Changes in the coupled atmosphere marine climate, natural or anthropogenic, both within the Benguela upwelling and beyond, affect ecological and socio-economic important sub-systems, potentially affecting millions of people, residents of the coastline and those who derive their livelihoods and resources from the BUS. Our aim in the EXEBUS project is to understand the drivers of change in the BUS and its contribution to the changing variability of the system, with an emphasis on extreme events. Given that both natural and human induced changes to the functioning of the BUS occur at a range of time and space scales and are also interdependent, we seek to understand extreme events and their impact



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